Our liquid water sampling valve is made from 316L Stainless-Steel because it creates a more sanitary, wear-resistant, contamination-resistant, and easily cleaned product. All valve bodies are machined from solid bar stock, and our designs offer a full range of valve variations to accommodate your specific flow-direction requirements.


Need Sample Valves?


What Are Water Sample Valves Used For?

Sample tap valves are used in various applications like dialysis machines, pharmaceuticals, and beverage industries and can be used in various other industries to extract sterile sampling.

A liquid water sampling valve comes in two lengths to assist in all of your sampling processes. This variation in stem length allows you to pull your samples directly from the process flow in smaller and larger diameter piping, where the sample is at its most pure state and is less susceptible to contamination.

Our stainless sanitary sample valves will allow you to safely and easily extract samples for analysis. Opening or closing valves has never been easier. Our Delrin® knobs are cool to the touch—even with superheated fluids—and aid in tightening because of the positive tension between the plastic and stainless threads.

This provides a complete seal of the liquid water sampling valve with just a finger-tight turn. You can immediately feel the precision closure that completely shuts off the flow—you know it’s tight. And there’s never any leaking, seepage, or mess, even after years of use of our stainless-steel sampling valves.

Sample Tap Valve Manufacturer

Sample Valves & Equipment developed the Stainless Steel Sanitary Sample Valve line to provide a wide variety of options and the highest quality product at a reasonable price. It may be cliché, but it’s just that simple. We value “one-on-one” customer service and personal yet professional relationships with our clients. Requests for quotes and information are individually addressed in a timely manner.

Our liquid water sampling valve and stainless-steel sampling taps are precisely designed, precision machined, carefully assembled, and packaged without a high cost, allowing us to pass on significant savings to our customers. As a valve manufacturer, we offer the option of same-day shipment, and we process all water sample valve orders in less than 5 days!

Water Sample Valve Information

  • 316L SS construction machined to less than 20 Ra.
  • Pressure Rating: 300 PSI at 200˚F & 400 PSI @ 100˚F.
  • Optional 90˚ or Inline models with 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 1 1/2” and 2” Ferrule, 1/4” NPT or weld body.
  • 3/8” Diameter Hose Barb product discharge.
  • We manufacture our liquid water sampling valve in a way that minimizes dead space so we can reduce the possibility of contamination.
  • Limited stem travel for safety.
  • FDA Silicone O-Ring standard with optional materials available.
  • Solid Delrin® knob standard with 17-4 SS knob insert optional.
  • Spare Parts and Repair/Maintenance Kits are available. SV&E valves are easily unassembled to be cleaned or maintained.
  • Our liquid water sampling valve can be autoclaved, assembled, or unassembled.
  • All water sampling valves are individually packaged and labeled.
  • We are your sample tap valve manufacturer that provides a Certificate of Compliance and Material Certs with each order.
  • Electropolishing and O2 Cleaning with clean room packaging can be provided upon request.