Have you ever wondered what might be hiding in your soft drink? If it weren’t for sampling to check the purity of the water used in its production, your soda bottle might contain bacteria you don’t want to ingest.

A major soda bottler in the Denver area uses sample valves to test for microbes in the piping and chlorine removal towers in its manufacturing plant.

After replacing one of the valves the company was using, the customer said he preferred SV&E’s sanitary sample valve and intended to replace all of the valves. “They purchased new valves for their system because they liked it so much,” says Steve Mussman, Project Manager at Lyons Filter, which partners with SV&E to serve clients like the Denver soda bottler.

Many other companies like our sanitary sample valves, too, because they help make the world a better and safer place. 

How Do Our Sample Valves Do That?

1. Ensures Consistent Quality of a Variety of Products
Testing is essential to the operation of the Denver soda bottler. Its customers expect high-quality beverages that are free from contamination. Our sanitary sample valve can also help ensure the quality of products in the pharmaceutical, brewing, and food industries. High-purity water also is required in the electronics and semiconductor industries. Water is used for washing and rinsing semiconductor components, as well as in etching and oxidation operations. Sampling ensures water purity to prevent contamination of these products during manufacture.

2. Improved Safety of End Products
Pure and clean test results are vital in medical and pharmaceutical applications. For example, sampling using a sanitary sample valve ensures kidney dialysis machines are clean before they are used by patients. Pharmaceutical companies must comply with stringent federal standards and draw samples to test the water used for cleaning or topical use and for injection into the human body. They also must validate purified water dispensing systems to ensure water purity at all times.

3. Improved Operator Safety and Convenience
Sample Valves and Equipment’s Sample Valve Products make it easier and safer for operators to extract sanitary samples for analysis due to their innovative design and materials. “We’ve noticed that metal-on-metal connections will seize up,” Mussman says. SV&E’s nonmetal handles eliminate this problem. Knobs made of Delrin acetal resin stay cool to the touch, even when operators are working with heated liquids, and provide a complete seal with just finger tightening. The use of 316L stainless steel creates a sanitary, wear- and contamination-free product. Dead space is minimized to prevent contamination. Because of these characteristics, operators at the bottling plant also found SV&E’s sanitary sample valve easier to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance.

4. Product Development Applications
Customers frequently need to test water to assure purity before developing a new product and then test the final water-based product to assure purity.

5. Customizing Manufacturing Operations
Customers’ requirements differ, and many need a variety of sample valves for their operations. SV&E offers a wide variety of sanitary sample valves, connections, orientations, and product sampling locations for many applications. More than 300 different sanitary sample valve configurations enable us to customize installations for your individual needs.