Sanitary valves and sanitary fittings provide security for multiple industries that serve millions of people every day. They can be used across various industries including food & beverage, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and more. Our sample vales are completely cleaned inside and out inside our stainless steel sanitizing wash chamber to ensure they are sterile

Pharmaceutical Sample Valves

Sample valves also help ensure the quality of products in the pharmaceutical, brewing and food industries. Sanitary valves are designed for use in applications requiring clean or sterile processing. Sampling is used to ensure kidney dialysis machines are clean before they are used by patients. Pharmaceutical companies must comply with stringent federal standards and must draw samples to test water used for cleaning or topical use, and for injection into the human body. They also must validate purified water dispensing systems to ensure water purity at all times. Common features include easy cleaning, crevice free, and polished contact surfaces. They are specially designed and used high quality stainless steels, which are extremely resistant to rust or oxidation and is the best choice for medial manufacturing processes.

At SV&E offers a wide variety of sanitary sample valves for many applications including medical applications. More than 300 different valve configurations enable us to customize installations for your individual needs.