Stainless Sanitary Sample Valves

Sanitary sampling ports that are Designed and manufactured to a higher standard of quality.

• 316L SS construction machined to less than 20 Ra.
• Pressure Rating: 300 PSI at 200˚F.
• Optional 45˚, 90˚ or Inline models with 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 1 1/2” and 2” Ferrule, 1/4”
and 1/2” NPT or weld body.
• Aseptic seal with zero dead leg and PTFE tip.
• 45 and 90 degree valves with sampling stems can be configured to point the
mitered end into the flow of the product. Stems continually flush with a hole at the
base opposite the miter to provide a clean sample at any time. 1 1/8” stems are
intended for up to 1 1/2” OD tube runs and 2” for 2” OD and larger.

Our sample vales are completely cleaned inside and out through our stainless steel sanitizing wash chamber.

• Cleaner and sanitizer are circulated via spray arms as well as through individual
injectors directly inside of valve sub-assemblies. After cleaning, parts are rinsed
with deionized water and dried via HEPA filtration.
• Limited stem travel for safety.
• Spare Parts and Repair/Maintenance Kits are available for our sanitary sample valves. 

Our valves are easily unassembled to be cleaned or maintained.
• Autoclavable assembled or unassembled.
• All valves are individually packaged and labeled.
• Certificate of Compliance and Material Certs are provided with each order.
• Electropolishing is available upon request.


IL: InlineF: 1/2" – 3/4"
None: Standard 3/8" Diameter Hose BarbNone: No Sampling
None: Standard
Red Silicone
None: Standard Delrin® Knob-UP: Up
45: 45 DegreeF-1: 1" – 1.5"
F: 1/2" Ferrule (90 Degree Only)-1.13EXT: 1-1/8"
Sampling Stem
-US: USP Class
VI Silicone
-SSK: Stainless Steel Knob-DN: Down
90: 90 DegreeF-2: 2" Ferrule-2EXT: 2" Sampling
-V: Viton®-RL: Right to Left
N: 1/4” NPT-E: EPDM-LR: Left to Right
1/2N: 1/2” NPT-K: Kalrez 6375
W: Weld