A frequent requirement of manufacturing processes, quality control, or laboratory research is to acquire clean, consistent samples of a liquid intermediate or finished product at periodic intervals. Doing this in a way that is unobtrusive and does not compromise the integrity of the sample or the manufacturing process is crucial. A device known as a sanitary sample valve or sampling valve) addresses this need.

Sample valves are commonly found in industries such as Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Personal Hygiene, Healthcare, Water Treatment, and many industries never imagined. High-quality sample valves are important for each one in their own way.

Sample Valve Performance Requirements to Get High-Quality Sample Valves

Distinctive performance requirements for valves & sanitary sampling ports include:

  • The ability to handle liquids without leaking.
  • Resistant to internal clogging.
  • A design that eliminates or minimizes dead space within the sample valve, which could contaminate subsequent samples.
  • Some applications require the sample valve and water valve parts to tolerate high temperatures and high or low pressures.
  • Parts are made from biologically compatible materials for Ultrapure applications.

Sample valves are produced by numerous manufacturers. SV&E specializes in providing custom-built high-quality sample valves and solutions for unique applications. The main body and stem of the sample valve we create are machined from 316L stainless steel. The sealing tip is High Purity Teflon. Options for the internal O-Ring are available.

Our sample valves are made from 316L stainless steel machines to less than 20 Ra and have a pressure rating of 300 PSI at 200˚F. We also offer 45-degree and 90-degree sample valves with stems that can be configured to the point of the mitered end of the valve into the flow of the product.

This allows the stems to flush continually with a hole at the base opposite the miter to provide a clean sample at any time.

Our high-quality sample valves are completely cleaned inside and out through our stainless-steel sanitizing wash chamber.

• Cleaner and sanitizer are circulated via spray arms as well as through individual injectors directly inside of valve sub-assemblies. After cleaning, parts are rinsed with deionized water and dried via HEPA filtration.
• Limited stem travel for safety.
• Spare Water Valve Parts and Sample Valve Repair/Maintenance Kits are available for our products.

Our high-quality sample valves can be easily unassembled to be cleaned or maintained.
• Autoclavable assembled or unassembled.
• All valves are individually packaged and labeled.
• Certificate of Compliance and Material Certs are provided with each order.
• Electropolishing is available upon request.

Our various connections, orientations, and product sampling locations have enabled us to customize configurations for our customers’ exact applications and locations since 2003. We offer more than 300 different sample valve configurations.


IL: InlineF: 1/2" – 3/4"
None: Standard 3/8" Diameter Hose BarbNone: No Sampling
None: Standard
Red Silicone
None: Standard Delrin® Knob-UP: Up
45: 45 DegreeF-1: 1" – 1.5"
F: 1/2" Ferrule (90 Degree Only)-1.13EXT: 1-1/8"
Sampling Stem
-US: USP Class
VI Silicone
-SSK: Stainless Steel Knob-DN: Down
90: 90 DegreeF-2: 2" Ferrule-2EXT: 2" Sampling
-V: Viton®-RL: Right to Left
N: 1/4” NPT-E: EPDM-LR: Left to Right
1/2N: 1/2” NPT-K: Kalrez 6375
W: Weld