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Sample Valves & Equipment offers a wide array of sampling valves for many applications, including beverage, semiconductor, and biopharmaceutical water systems. Our stainless-steel sanitary sample valve allows users to easily extract a sanitary sample of a liquid for analysis.

SV&E: Sample Valve Manufacturer

Our sanitary valves are made from solid 316L Stainless Steel bar stock. 

We offer more than 300 different configurations of stainless steel sample valves. Our 300+ variety of connections and orientations have enabled SV&E to customize configurations for our customers’ exact applications and locations in the process line since 2003.

We have Tri-clamp, NPT & Weld Body in inline stainless-steel sanitary sample valve, 90 Degree valves, and 45 Degree valve configurations available in over 300 standard options.

Complete cleaning of the sanitary sample valve is achieved inside a state-of-the-art laboratory washing chamber with direct injection cleaning of the chamber via rotating spray nozzles and through injectors directly inside of valves. The units are dried via HEPA-filtered air. The stainless-steel valves are then assembled and packaged in an ISO 5 Class 100 environment.

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Why Choose Our Sanitary Sample Valves?

What makes us different from other sanitary valve manufacturers is that our sampling valves are made in-house from 316L Stainless Steel & we offer over 300+ configurations to match our exact application. All sanitary valves are backed 100% with our quality guarantee, including a certificate of compliance and material certifications. 

Have you ever wondered what toxins might be hiding in your soft drink? If it weren’t for the sanitary sample valve and the sampling process that technicians go through to analyze the purity of the water used during soft drink production, your soda bottle might contain bacteria you do not want to ingest.

A major soda bottler in the Denver area uses sanitary sample valves to test and analyze for microbes in the piping and chlorine removal towers throughout the manufacturing plant.

After replacing one of the stainless-steel sample valves the company was using with the sanitary sample valve from SV&E, the customer said he preferred SV&E as his primary sampling valve manufacturer and intended to replace all the sample valves in the plant.

“They purchased new valves for their system because they liked it so much,” says Steve Mussman, Project Manager at Lyons Filters, which partners with SV&E to serve clients like the Denver soda bottler.


Stainless Steel Sample Valves

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Consider Optimum Filter, SV&E’s Corporate Partner and Exclusive Distributor, to assist you with your equipment requirements. As one of the top sanitary valve manufacturers in the US, our on-time deliveries, attention to detail, and quality of our sanitary sample valve, and customer service are second to none. Personal relationships with our customers and suppliers are the keys to our success. Let these factors be your keys to success.

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